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Welcome at Communication Serdu
Communication Serdu is a resource center in publication solutions, in business since 1993 with a mission to offer the full potential and benefits of modern technologies while respecting budgetary limits of each customer. Over time, we have developed a full range of services well adapted to the needs of SMBs, artists, producers and consumers, at a price well aligned to their wallet. Our clientele is made up of businesses of all sizes, from Quebec, Ontario, Maritimes and Europe.

Altough we will process requests of any size, we particularly care for smaller projects which are historically harder to fulfill. Specially for this task, we have developed exclusive processes and methodologies targeted to offer SMBs and consumers the same flexibility than large corporations in choosing their communication strategy.

Our web site is constantly evolving. It is meant to be direct and with “no-frills”. New information is regularly added, come back often. In the mean time, do not hesitate to communicate with us whatever the question may be.


Computer-assisted cutting

Ideal for an invitation with a special shape or an unusual presentation folder.

Commercial printing

More than 25 years experience in printing all types of projects…

Graphics service

Our team of graphic artists will know how to enlighten your project with that special touch you’re looking for.

Customizing blank media

A personalized CD or DVD will catch your customers eye and enhance its content.


Using the most up-to-date duplication and printing technologies, Communication Serdu does its utmost to help artists, video producers, businesses and consumers with their optical disc publishing needs. That’s why Communication Serdu has come up with a wide range of packages suited to each and every budget. Whether you need a few copies or thousands, Communication Serdu is the ideal partner to advise and support you in order to ensure the success of your project.

Take a look right now at our “all-inclusive” duplication packages in order to find the solution that best meets your needs. All of your hard work deserves to be showcased in the best way possible. And that’s exactly what we’ve been doing, for more than 20 years!


This was the second time I’ve done business with SERDU. Sukha Mantram was an original musical album that I wanted to make only 200 copies of for a first printing.

SERDU was an important handholder from start to finish. SERDU was respectful and open to my project, supplying good advice for even such a small run. Thank you SERDU!

Daniel Pineault - enseignant de yoga, YOGA CENTRE - SUKHA MANTRAM

I am delighted to share yoga with everyone. It is a gift from our ancestors. I created this DVD of my courses in three languages: French, English and Spanish. I hope to reach the multi-ethnic population of Quebec . Now it’s easier thanks to the DVDs that Serdu has produced so well.

I can attest that their work is very professional, of superior quality and delivered in the agreed time frame — even if it was only a few days. I will continue trusting my future projects to Serdu without any qualms.

Thank you so much for helping me showcase the best of my work through the best of yours.

Catherine Nehme, SOISYOGA

Quality and service.

The careful attention was what set (Serdu) apart from the competition.

It was easy for me to get a superb quality product thanks to (Serdu’s) advice and availability.

Serdu has contributed to giving my business a quality image.

Marie-France Malie, MALIE PHOTO

La Survivance has been doing business with Communication Serdu for many years. We have always been completely satisfied with the services provided and the quality of the workmanship. We are glad to have a partner of Mr Duclos’ stature.

La Survivance develops and provides insurance products to both individuals and groups. Our products are distributed throughout Quebec, New Brunswick and Ontario by a large number of independent brokers. Around 200,000 mutual members and clients benefit from insurance and annuities.  La Survivance underwrites collective insurance contracts covering employees in nearly 1,000 businesses. We prioritize client satisfaction and stand out because of the excellent quality of our products, the quality of our relations with our clients and by the true partnership that we develop with our brokers

Alain Lussier, LA SURVIVANCE

Working in the area of multimedia, I had the chance of discovering Communication Serdu in 2011. They met my needs for a small order at a reasonable price. I was agreeably surprised when I received the same warm welcome and service usually reserved for very important customers.

At Serdu I found a business partner that has become a major business asset.


Six years ago we were looking for a supplier to duplicate DVDs. Fate did us a favor because we found a single supplier. Thanks to their reliability and impeccable service, Communication Serdu has become an indispensible partner in our business. We share the same business philosophy and the chemistry is still there.


For a photographer who produces slide shows on DVD, having a reliable, efficient and punctual partner is a must.

Communication Serdu is definitely my go-to supplier.

Instead of giving my clients discs burned with my home computer and with homemade labels, I can hand them a professionally printed product. Not only does Serdu take an arduous task off my hands for a small fee, they also allow me to greatly enhance my brand. Sub-contracting in my field benefits me not only financially but also professionally.

The result is simple: my clients quickly receive a professional-looking disc that fits right into the rest of my product line. People are happy and surprised. Even before looking at the contents, a client sees the packaging and makes an initial judgment. You never get a second chance to make a first impression.


For me, the service from Communication Serdu is what counts. Easy and quick: a simple e-mail and everything arrives on my doorstep inside a week.

After having categorically refused the incessant badgering from his French students, Marc Des Prés finally agreed to sit down at the piano during their weekly novel-reading period. This turned into a pleasant routine. From classics to jazz with detours through the 70s. Common denominator? Music without chatter. “You should make an album, sir! That would encourage us to read at home!”

Responsible folks

“When the time came to find who to turn to for design, manufacturing and duplication of the album Éclectisme, I would never have believed that things would be so simple. That the work would be carried out so carefully and efficiently at such an affordable price. And more than that: it was one-stop and fast.

Communication Serdu inc, a noble little business with lots of experience, located on Montreal’s South Shore, took care of everything. Advice, graphics, pressing, printing, packaging. The works.

In short, I came away ecstatic from Communication Serdu inc, with a high-quality finished product.

The beauty of the music is one thing, but the appearance is just as important. Today, I’m very proud to see my album on sale in so many record stores

Communications Serdu inc – very responsible folks.”


The record industry is unhealthy and, personally, I find that interesting.

The industry lives on high-volume.

For artists like me, producing small quantities of recordings, Serge Duclos and his business, Serdu, are the solution.

I was looking for a CD and DVD supplier who could do quality, short-run work quickly. I tried Serdu, adopted their way of doing things and we’re still together. Prices are competitive and the quality is impeccable.

Even more, Serdu innovates and is always on the lookout for new products to offer their clients. What more could I ask for?


I have been working with Communication Serdu for nearly 20 years. Over the years the firm has always answered our needs quickly, even though those needs change constantly. Communication Serdu incites us to keep our projects on the cutting edge by using state-of-the-art technology and new trends in marketing. The experience and dynamism of the team at Communication Serdu has allowed Ben-Mor to innovate our marketing projects and customize them while remaining true to our business philosophy.

Communication Serdu is a major partner in our success!

Richard Plante, v-p marketing, BEN-MOR