Modern computer technology has made it possible for anyone to create all kinds of visually attractive documents that can be easily printed and/or distributed. When these documents need to be printed and distributed using commercial methods, there are several rules that need to be followed. The documents you send us must respect all of these rules, most of which come from the world of commercial printing. It is important to note that the whole area of color, and particularly printing of color documents requires specialized knowledge and specific tools. The same document seen on three different computers will look different. Because of this, color specialists use calibrated tools and software that allow them to better anticipate the printed results. Crop marks, registration marks, folding marks, bleed, RGB, CMYK. All of these are technical terms that play an important role as you prepare your documents, We suggest that you download (PDF, 2.2mo) a reference document that will help you adequately prepare your files for printing. If you need help, we have a team of graphics artists that can handle the preparation of all the visual files required for your project. Feel free to call us any time if you require further information.

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